The Purpose of the Law

When you order a 20-piece bucket of fried chicken to feed your family, you might be very disturbed that it only comes with 4 biscuits.  "Four biscuits?" --- "Where's the logic in that?", many would say.  We've all been in that situation where our common sense was so incredibly [...]

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The Unchangeable Promise

There is one sentence that sends Dads into panic-mode:  "But Dad, YOU PROMISED!"  It is a sad truth that human beings are not very good at keeping the promises they made.  In Galatians chapter three, Paul helps the Galatians understand that salvation is by "faith alone" by pointing them [...]

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The Curse-Killer

His real name is Theo Epstein, but in the circles of Major League Baseball, he is known as "The Curse Killer" for the way his teams overthrew two of the most famous baseball "curses" in history.  In Galatians chapter three, the Apostle Paul talks about the "curse" of condemnation [...]

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The Height of Foolishness

When we hear news stories about "stupid criminals", we can't help but laugh and shake our heads at their foolishness.  In Galatians 3, the Apostle Paul takes the Galatian Christians to task for their foolish behavior:  believing the lies of false teachers.  As we listen to Paul's forceful logic, [...]

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When Fathers Fail

On Father's Day, we take time to recognize the positive contributions that fathers have had on our lives.  But sadly, not all fathers have been exemplary.  In 1 Samuel chapter 2, the Bible gives us the tragic narrative of Eli-- the high priest of Israel who was unwilling to [...]

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That Thing Called Grace

*Guest Speaker*   On Sunday, June 11th, our friend Daryl Jackson returned "home" to Grace Baptist Church where he previously served in ministry while attending Baptist Bible College.  Daryl helped focus our attention on God's amazing grace-- not only in the lives of Abraham and Sarah-- but in our [...]

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The Gospel’s Darkest Day, Part 2

Thomas Edison's darkest day unfolded when ten of his New Jersey buildings burned to the ground.  But he was determined not to let this setback have the final say.  In Galatians 2, the Apostle Peter nearly burned the church's unity to the ground when he separated from Gentile Christians. [...]

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The Gospel’s Darkest Day, Part 1

What would you say is America's "darkest day"?   The winter at Valley Forge? The 2008 financial collapse?  The 9-11 attacks?  The JFK assassination?  In Galatians chapter 2, the Apostle Paul narrates one of the gospel's darkest days--- the time when Paul had to confront Peter face to face [...]

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Unbreakable Unity

John Fawcett and his wife felt such an incredible unity with their little church family, that they famously refused to go when a larger, more influential church in London came calling.  In Galatians 2, the Apostle Paul continues his rigorous defense of his gospel and his ministry--- pointing to [...]

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Trust This Gospel

All of us have occasionally been asked to produce proof:  a receipt, a driver's license, or a returned check.  In Galatians chapter one, Paul pushes back against the false teachers by proving that the gospel he preached and the ministry he exercised among the Galatians was the real thing. [...]

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