The Ministry of Reconciliation

*Guest Speaker*   After a bloody and brutal Civil War, the two leading generals of the North and the South worked together to bring reconciliation to a hurting nation.  In this message for Sunday morning, Will Stanley takes us through some critical New Testament passages that teach us about our [...]

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The Christian’s Generosity

Christians often forget that the Spirit-filled life includes using our money to glorify God.  In Galatians 6, the Apostle Paul teaches that Spirit-filled believers will be exemplary in Christian generosity-- using our money and resources to invest in spiritual things that will last eternally.  As we examine this important [...]

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Sola Fide: ‘Faith Alone’

The doctrine of justification (how sinners are made right with God) was the central issue of the Protestant Reformation.  Still today, justification by faith alone is a divisive issue separating Roman Catholics and evangelicals-- as it is also the dividing line between the true, biblical gospel and all other [...]

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Share the Burden

It was one of most goosebump-inducing moments of Olympic history.  At the 1992 Barcelona games, when British sprinter Derek Redmond tore his hamstring in the 400-meter semifinal race, his father Jim came down from the stands and helped his injured son reach the finish line.  In Galatians chapter five, [...]

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Walking in the Spirit

The legendary evangelist D.L. Moody once used a very interesting demonstration to teach his audience about being "filled" with the Spirit.  In Galatians 5, the Apostle Paul presents some of the most important teaching in Scripture on what is means to be filled, led, influenced-- and to walk-- with [...]

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Faith Clarifies Every Choice

*Guest Speaker*  On Sunday, October 8th, we were delighted to welcome Dr. Jim Lytle, the President of Clarks Summit University.  Dr. Lytle reported on many of the great things that God is doing at Clarks Summit University in raising up global leaders for Christ.  Then he directed us to [...]

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Are You Running Well?

Pastor Day remembers the time he was almost disqualified from the Carroll County Track and Field Championships.  His running style in the high-hurdles nearly caused another runner to stumble and fall.   In Galatians 5, the Apostle Paul asks the Galatians to consider how they are running in the race [...]

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Andrew: Always Bringing People to Jesus

During World War 2, Winston Churchill rallied the coal industry to produce even more coal, which would push the Allies to victory.  Even though these coal miners would be far underground with their faces to the coal-- it was their sacrifice in the darkness that would make all the [...]

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Forgiveness: Front and Center

A terrible mistake by a Christian airplane mechanic cost the lives of seven missionary workers.  Following their deaths, the mechanic descended into despair because of his mistake-- and was on the verge of suicide.  But everything changed when the wife of the pilot took his hand and extended genuine [...]

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Stay Right Where You Are

Every parent knows the fear and anxiety of sending a school-age child into a large metropolitan city.  What happens if they get lost?  What if they get separated from the group?  This is why parents give a strongly-worded command:  "Stay right where you are!"  When people walk and wander--- [...]

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